BY SEAN DOTSON, President 

To me, being a good neighbor is so much more than the occasional wave or head nod. It’s a sense of belonging to something greater than one self. It’s going out of your way to make a positive impact on our community. My family and I have enjoyed our last two years in this neighborhood.

As a military family that moves quite frequently, this is by far our favorite neighborhood we have lived in. Much of our love for this neighborhood comes from the amazing neighbors and their friendliness. We currently live in unprecedented times. As such, I would encourage us all to not lose sight of what being a good neighbor means. I have witnessed it many times over the last two years. Sometimes a simple “hello” could have a resounding impact on your neighbor’s day.

In 1978, President Jimmy Carter issued proclamation 4601, National Good Neighbor Day. This day is observed on September 28th each year. In the spirit of Good Neighbor Day, your Homeowners Association (HOA) would like to thank a few people for being good neighbors. First, a big thank you to all of the people who participated in this year’s pond clean up. Thank you Lori Musloff for volunteering to be on the welcoming committee, and thank you Stella Dodge for

your beautiful drawing of the pond for our newsletter!

Lighten Up Lake Pointe ! 

The Lake Pointe Estates restrictions and covenants require that your lamp post be lit from dusk to at least midnightAdditionally it is well known that a well lighted neighborhood reduces crime. If your light is not working you can either replace it with a similar size, color and quality fixture or you can have it rebuilt. Either way you must return your light to working order.  As a service, Association member  Don Dorsan can rebuild your existing light fixture including paint, a new LED light bulb and a new photo eye for $65.00 contact Don at [email protected]

Neighborhood Fun Facts

The HOA received a $7,641 grant from the Root/Pike Watershed Initiative Project to improve water quality and

beautify the area. The grant was used to plant water and shoreline plants around the pond, which absorb excess

nutrients and control the amount of algae, which is good for pond life. Have

you fished the pond yet?




Sean Dotson, President

3 year term, 

January 2020-December 2023

Ruth Ann Dziadulewicz, 

Vice President

3 year term, 

January 2019-December 2021

Don DorsanTreasurer

3 year term, 

January 2021 - December 2024 

Bob Sagadin, Secretary

3 year term, 

January 2019-December 2021

Nicole Hauch, Member-at-Large

3 year term, 

January 2020-December 2023

If you have questions, please send an email

to [email protected]

Spruce Needle Drop

You may have noticed that many area Blue Spruce trees aren’t looking very healthy lately. The reason

is most likely a fungus called Rhizosphaera Kalkhoffii which is killing spruce trees in the area. Many of the trees around the pond at Lake Pointe have not been spared. As a result of this fungus, we are in danger of losing many of them over the next few years due to this rapidly spreading infection.

The Board has been investigating options ranging from cutting them down and replanting other species, to an ongoing yearly treatment of fertilizer and fungicide to save them. The estimates we have received range from $1,000 to $3,500 per year. We will be discussing our options and

deciding what to do at the annual meeting. 

Click here to view Hoppe Tree Service Estimate

Click Here to read more about Spruce Needle Drop

Neighbor Spotlight:
The Hauch Family

The Hauch family has lived in this neighborhood for seven years. Brett is the owner of a

small business in the employee recognition industry, and Nicole is an Associate Professor

at The Milwaukee Institute of Art & Design. They have two boys, Jack (10) and Nolan (7). Brett and Nicole were both born in Racine, Wisconsin and met in high school. They moved to Texas after getting married in 2008. When their second son was born, they moved their family

back to Wisconsin be closer to family and friends. Lake Pointe Estates was the perfect family-oriented neighborhood they were looking for. Their favorite thing about the neighborhood is the

people, by far. They believe it’s the neighborhoods’ greatest asset. Nicole is apart of a neigborhood Mom’s group, and she is thankful for their support and friendship. Another favorite thing the Hauch’s enjoy is the neighborhood pond. The boys fish it year round, have collected numerous frogs and turtles, and even saved baby ducks from a sewer in front of their house. The Hauch’s enjoy exploring the outdoors and finding new adventures together. They like to camp, hike, and fish as a family. Jack loves playing soccer for Croatia Club, and

Nolan enjoys cooking and baking. Above all, the boys love playing with all of the children in the

neigborhood the most, and have made many good friends.

The Pond

It has been a busy season on the pond from a use as well as maintenance standpoint. We are all fortunate that the pond is there for Lake Pointe Homeowners to enjoy. Nevertheless, it falls to the HOA to maintain the health of the pond and the beauty of the pond area. Projects this summer included a new fence and plantings on Puetz Road near the Lake Pointe Estates sign, a new compressor

and cooling fan for the pond pump house, refurbishing of the pond benches, as well as

general clean up, trimming and weeding. Annual Spring clean-up is very helpful and we thank everyone who gets involved. This year’s turn out for the event was an all-time high. Please check out to see pictures from the pond clean up! It is obvious, however, that it takes year round effort to maintain the LPE common areas. Currently, most of the year-round work has fallen to the Board members. In order to attract more involvement, the formation of a Pond Committee /Team has been proposed. This proposal will be taken up at the HOA meeting in October. Any ideas, suggestions or desire to be part of this effort can be sent via the Contact Us tab on the LPE website.

Currently, the Board is looking at new “No Trespassing” sign ideas as well as proposals from

qualified tree services for solutions to a disease called Rhizosphaera that is affecting many of the

Colorado Blue Spruce trees around the pond. This problem, which causes needle drop leading to

eventual branch demise, is apparently an emerging regional disease that some homeowners may

be experiencing on their own properties. The HOA will be happy to share our sources and findings

with homeowners. Once we find out what can be done and at what cost, the HOA will need

to make some decisions concerning the trees.

Adult Homeowners are reminded that they can reduce their Association fees by volunteering for pond projects throughout the year. See:   Service Hours Hold Dues Down For All below

Who's Who on the Pond

The pond at Lake Pointe is a wonderful asset supported by our annual dues. In addition to serving as an important part of the subdivisions storm-water control system, It is also a fishing and recreational benefit enjoyed by the resident of Lake Pointe Estates. The pond was stocked years ago with Blue Gill and Bass and is supported by occasional stocking of feeder minnows. Catching these fish is source of enjoyment by our residents young and old. It is also a tempting spot for non-residents to fish here as well. Our pond has even been featured on websites highlighting local fishing hot spots encouraging those who don't live here to check it out; another definite case of useful technology being put to dubious use.

We attempt to discourage all non-dues paying trespassers so that we don't have to restock the fish – at our expense - and to keep our grounds clean. It is difficult however, to determine who is a dues paying member and who is not. Therefore the board is offering a simple, low-tech way of identifying members. We are asking that you carry a Lake Pointe "bobber" with you when fishing down by the pond, (see sample image on the left) The bobbers are about 2 1/2 " in diameter can be attached to your tackle box or belt loop or where ever it is visible or leave it on the dashbord of your car if parking near the path.. Carrying the bobber is completely voluntary but it is our hope that it will avoid having to confront members who are rightfully enjoying the pond.

Does Your Mailbox Need to be Replaced?

Lake Pointe Estates Homeowners Associations restrictions and covenants require that we all install the same approved mailbox pictured above

A recent look around the subdivision shows a few of our mailboxes are in need of replacement or are in non conformance with the approved standard and should be replaced. We have shopped this around and found the best deal for this mailbox is by ordering on line at Menards for $29.99. The Model Number is CC1R000  Click here for details.  Menards also carries the Post

You can have a complete mailbox, post and newspaper box like the one pictured here installed for just  $185.00.

These mailboxes are:

  • Stained for longer life
  • Slats screwed in from the inside
         to avoid the common problem 
         of the slats falling off
  • Mounted in concrete for greater 
  • Meets the Associations requirements for uniform mailboxes


Order now for installation before winter

Contact  [email protected] or call 414-333-5716 for more information.


Now you can pay for your mailbox via Visa or Master card via Paypal.  Click on the Buy Now button below 


This offer made independent of the Lake Pointe Estates Homeowners Association. The Association makes no warranties or has any liability


Service Hours Hold Dues Down For All

Looking for ways to reduce your annual due payment?  Consider helping out the Association and your neighbors by working on one of this year's service hour tasks.  For each hour you spend performing one of these tasks you may deduct $10 off of your annual dues up to the total amount of your annual dues.   Last year projects such as painting the benches and compressor enclosure, spreading much and maintaining flower beds were accomplished as service hour projects. Service hours are a win- win for everyone. The Association saves money over the cost of hiring out these various tasks thereby reducing everyone's dues and the member saves on their own annual dues for next year. Of course several of our members also simply volunteer their time without claiming service hours or do a combination of service hours or volunteering. The Association thanks you for doing so. The choice is yours.

All service hours must be pre-approved and are recorded by the Association. Simply contact any board member for pre-approval or e-mail [email protected]  Once approved let the Association know how many hours you wish to claim and or donate.

Here are the tasks that need to be done this coming year. If you have other ideas please let us know. 

  • Trim Shrubs
  • Maintain wildflower bed
  • Apply crabgrass preventer to Out lot on Puetz
  • Apply Weed and Feed to out lot on Puetz
  • Spread Mulch
  • Seal the paths leading to the pond
  • Adopt the front flower bed

News and Notes

Lake Pointe is now on Face Book. Be sure to click on the Face Book logo to the Left "Friend" and "Like" us today!  

Welcome to the Lake Pointe Estates Homeowners Association

Little Free Library

Take a book, share a book! The Little Free Library program is coming to Lake Pointe Estates! 

Little Free Library is a neighborhood book sharing program, meant to build community and inspire readers! We're hoping to raise funds for a bookcase to be installed at the corner of Golden Lake Way and Lake Pointe Drive this spring. Once installed, you and/or your kids can leave a book you’re done with and take a book that sparks your interest. 

The total cost of the library is $450. If you’re able to chip in, please click the PayPal link:
or you can mail in a 
Lake Pointe Estates
P.O. Box 320214
Franklin, WI, 53132 

For more information on Little Free Libraries in general, visit
Note Donations made via Little Free do not benefit the Lake Pointe Library


On Line Payment

To make payments via CIT Banks C-Property Pay system, simply click on the CIT logo above to get started.  Select Pay Now.  You will need your Account Number, Management ID and the Association ID which has been mailed to owners. If you need us to resend you this information pleased email us at [email protected]

Once you enter your information click on Pay by E-Check. 

It really is as quick and easier as writing a check and you will save the postage!

For full instructions on how to make a one time payment or manually make payments, click here

Please note that their is no fee if you choose the pay by E-check option. Payment via debit or credit card results in a small additional fee.

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Recipe Box

The pond will soon be freezing over. In early winter, due to freezing and thawing it is particularly dangerous.  

Never go out on the ice alone and never allow children on the ice with our an adult 

Please Pick up After Your Dog

We love dogs but not what they leave behind!  Please be considerate of your neighbors and pick up your dogs droppings. Besides being the right thing to do it is an ordinance in the city of Franklin. 

How to Haze a Coyote

Coyote sightings in Franklin neighborhoods are common and not a cause for concern.However there are steps you can take to discourage them from visiting us at Lake Pointe. Take a moment to view the video above for helpful tips on "Hazing a Coyote".   Please remember that  it is always important to keep a close eye on pets when outside and to not feed urban wildlife in general. Milwaukee County Parks and the DNR is interested in any coyote sightings in order to monitor activity and behavior. They ask that you report any coyote observations to the “Milwaukee County Coyote Watch” project at

For additional info., click on: