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Service Hours

In order to encourage volunteerism, to accomplish numerous tasks that must be done in order to maintain the common grounds at Lake Pointe Estates and to hold down everyone’s annual dues, we have been offering service houts for the past several years.  Basically service hours encourage volunteers by allowing a $10.00 deduction off of your annual association dues for every hour worked on projects at Lake Pointe . 

There are a few basic guidelines:

The maximum amount of service hours earned in a year can not exceed the dues owed. For example if you worked 10 service hours $100 could be deducted off of your 2021 dues. If you worked 18 hours and the 2009 dues where $190 you could deduct up to the $190.

Service hours must be earned in advance.

Service hours earned in 2020 will be applied to the 2021 dues. 

Service hours can not be carried over from one year to another.

The maximum total amount of service hours available for 2021 is 100.  Once all 100 hours are used up no additional service hours will be available to any association members for 2022.

Service hours will be available to all Association members including voluntary members.

Per the bylaws, elected board members can not be paid for service on the board. Therefore duties associated with President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer or Board member at large shall not qualify for service hours. However, those holding these positions may earn service hours by performing work not typically associated with board positions such as the tasks listed below.

Service hours can be earned in group activities or independently. If you choose to work independently you must pre-register with a board member indicating the work you intend to do and the estimated number of hours that it will take to accomplish the task. Once the work is completed you must notify the board member who will then approve the work and inform the Secretary of the number of hours to credit to your service hour account. The Secretary shall keep a service hour log. You may request confirmation of your service hour balance at any time. You may then deduct the service hours from your 2021 dues. 

Service hours are intended to act as an incentive if the association member so chooses to take advantage of this program. Service hours are not required. You may continue to volunteer and not claim the service hour benefit simply for the satisfaction of doing so if you are so inclined.

Some of the tasks that would qualify for service hours in 2020:

Pulling weeds in planting areas
Trimming of trees and shrubs
Cutting Weeping Willows along pond edge
Cutting Cattails
Staining benches
Staining compressor house
Spreading mulch

Lake Pointe Estates Homeowners Associaton Board of Directors

Sean Dotson, President

3 year term, January 2020-December 2023

Ruth Ann Dziadulewicz, Vice President

3 year term, January 2019-December 2021

Don Dorsan, Treasurer

3 year term, January 2018-December 2020

Bob Sagadin, Secretary

3 year term, January 2019-December 2021

Nicole Hauch, Member-at-Large

3 year term, January 2020-December 2023

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